WEED REVIEW – Super lemon haze

Super lemon haze is hands down one of my favourite strains.

The sativa dominant hybrid was created by Arjan the owner of the famous Green seed co.

Super lemon haze is a hybrid of Super silver haze crossed with Lemon skunk. Two very strong and potent strains. Meaning, that Super lemon haze is a strain not to be messed with!

(Pictures from @thechronicstop Instagram)


The feeling…

Super lemon haze is known to have a THC content of up to 25%

This means that the strain is extremely strong and I would not recommend a novice smoker to be smoking a lot of this strain as it is known to give nausea and anxiety if consumed in large amounts.

Most people really enjoy the strain for relaxing and relieving stress.

Commonly known as a very sociable strain, Super lemon haze is a great strain to smoke throughout the day leaving with you a feeling of euphoria!

Super lemon haze is also a recommended strain for people who suffer with disorders such as PTSD and chronic depression, as the strain is known to elevate your mood to another level.

Overall, Super lemon haze is absolutely one of my favourite strains for an all day smoke and I would highly recommend it to most people.


The taste…

A taste that I think I will love until the day I die, Super lemon haze taste is massively refreshing and up lifting.

As the name suggests the strain almost tastes like a lemon, but only if it wasn’t sour.

If you get what I mean…

The taste and the aroma of the strain is very sweet and the tangy-ness is very light on the taste buds. I find that the strain often leaves my mouth quite wet at first but that very quickly turns to dry and your mouth is left feeling very sticky.

So, when smoking this strain I would highly suggest that you keep a drink close to you at all times.

batman thinking

Final thoughts

Overall, Super lemon haze is truly one of my favourite strains as I can happily smoke it day to day without any problems.

The euphoric feeling is great

The taste is spectacular




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