The 3 best ways to smoke weed.

You can get high in a multitude of ways.

Basically, anyway you can get THC into your body you are going to find yourself being stoned.


Which ways will you get the most stoned? or give you the most flavour?

Well, in this article I am going to tell you The Chronic Stop’s top 3 ways to smoke weed.

walter white rolling joint

Number 1 – Roll a joint

Probably the most famous and well known way to smoke weed, smoking a joint is the classic way to smoke weed.

There is something about smoking a joint which is so relaxing when your on your own but nothing beats sitting down and smoking a joint with some good friends.

A joint is the time of the day where you just chill, relax and most of all get high! When smoking a joint it gives you the chance to just take a moment and have some time for yourself which a lot of people need.

Just for how Iconic it is…

smoking a joint had to be at the top of our list.

granny hitting bong

Number 2 – Take a hit from the bong

Like Cypress hill says, take a hit from the bong!

If you have never ripped a bong then you need to go out and purchase some glass straight away!

Hitting a bong is just an immense rush of flavour especially if your smoking some Chronic!

A bong hit will get you stoned with ease… and I’m not going to lie to you bong newbies out there, prepare to cough because you will be coughing your lungs up… But that is all part of the fun.

hookah gif

Number 3 – Hookah pipe

Now I know your probably thinking “wtf” right?

A hookah pipe is one of my favourite methods of smoking hands down.

If you or any of your friends own a traditional hookah pipe then this is something that you must try!

It is so simple, all you have to do is set up the hookah as you normally would. Fill it up with water everything like that. Just instead of putting the hookah flavouring in the pipe, put ground herb instead.

That’s it! It’s done just pick up the hose and start smoking and the great thing is, if you have a hookah with multiple hoses, more than one person can smoke at once!



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