3 films you should watch while high.

As a stoner one of the best things you can do is sit down with some munch and put a good film on. A lot of people when stoned find it very hard to pick a film, I know I do. I think the best films to watch while your flying in the clouds are stoner films. So that you have a connection with the characters while your watching the film or something like that anyway. But it is true nothing beats a classic stoner film while your high and here are 3 that you must see!

tommy chong gif

Number 1 – Cheech and Chong up in smoke

Commonly known as one of the greatest stone films of all time, Cheech and Chong up in smoke is an absolute classic and if you haven’t seen it…

Drop everything that your doing right now because it is time to jump on Netflix! That’s even if it’s still on there, you know what Netflix are like, constantly replacing great films with some new dead ones that no one cares about. So lets just hope they haven’t messed with an all time stoner great!

Follow Cheech and Chong on a journey across the Mexican border in a van made out of the Chronic. With weed, girls and and amazing comedy what else would you want!

pineapple express.gif smoke

Number 2 – Pineapple express

Even though most people have seen Pineapple express I still felt like it needed to go on this list. Seth Rogen and James Franco are stupidly funny in this stoner comedy. The hilarious pair go on the run from a kingpin and crooked cop who are at war with another gang. In a film where you will be laughing from start to end if you have not seen it then watch it now!

how high gif

Number 3 – How high

In this epic stoner film Redman and Method man star as Jamal and Silas two stoners from the hood who cook up some mad potion in the kitchen… If you know what I mean. When they smoke a strain with the ashes of there dead friend infused in the bud, he comes to them as a ghost helping them cheat there way into Harvard. Once there, they cause mayhem, drama but most of all they get High! Probably one of the funniest stoner films of all time this film is a must watch!


What films would be on your list? leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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