3 easy ways you can hide weed on you

We have all been in the situation when you have to quickly conceal the green. From parents to festival security. Now, over the years I have found many different techniques and I would almost consider myself a master at it!

Here are the 3 easiest ways to hide weed on you.

gooching gif

Number 1 – Use your gooch!

Your probably thinking what the hell is a gooch? Now if you are a lady I am afraid you do not have one of these but you can still manipulate this method to your liking.

Now basically it as simple as whacking it down your trousers… that is right, simply stuff the weed down your trousers into your boxers/nickers in a comfortable position and it is as easy as that. This is known as “Gooching.”

Number 2 РCigarette box 


This method is second to none and is one of my go to methods when trying to hide my weed. The method takes some preparation but all you have to do is simply buy a fresh cigarette box and cut the cigarettes in half. Then put your weed at the bottom half of the cigarette packet and re-place the cigarettes back into the box on top of your herb. This will create the illusion of a fresh cigarette packet. Sneaky ayyy!

Number 3 – Pull your socks up

sck gf

Even though this method is kind of useless if you are carrying weed in a country it is illegal in (which I do not condone). This is because if the police do ever search you, they are most likely to find the weed in your sock. Especially, if you find yourself in the unlucky situation… a strip search. In this case you just hope for the best but in any other situation which is an emergency the sock is always a good option. Its saved me quite a few times I’m not going to lie.




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