5 tips on how to hide the smell of weed


It is one of the best smells in the world. There is nothing better than the smell of weed lets be honest. When your walking down the street and the beautiful aroma hits you and your just thinking….

“Someone is smoking the green… my guy!”

but what if you need to hide that smell?

There has been many occasions where I’ve had to try and hide the smell over the years. So, here are some tips on how to disguise the smell a little bit because people I do know the struggles trust me.

smell proof

TIP 1 – Smell proof bags

Some people believe that the smell proof baggy is a myth and some believe it is a miracle. This all comes down to the smell proof baggy that you purchase in my opinion because for me I am able to go down to my local newsagents and the smell proof bags in there work an absolute treat but then I have ordered smell proof bags online and when I have used them, I found that the weed would probably smell less if it was out of the bag completely that is how bad they was.  So, you just have to shop around. Most smell proof bags are fairly inexpensive so test out a couple of different bags and see which works best for you.

febreeze gif

TIP 2 – Spray spray spray

If you are worried about the smell of your weed, it is handy to keep some sort of aftershave or deodorant close by. So, in any case of an emergency you have a quick easy solution to help mask the smell a little bit. With a bag you could easily carry on you a small bottle of aftershave on a day to day basis, just in case you do need a quick spray.

One of the absolute best sprays I have ever used to eliminate the aroma of weed is the Dank of England official “DOE DOPE SPRAY” at a very cheap price of £9.99 you cannot go wrong!  This spray does wonders and is great to spray in the car after a cheeky hotbox or even on your clothes after a big smoke sesh!



Tip 3 – Chew Chew Chew

I know this is not exactly hiding the smell of actual bud but the smell of weed can linger on your breath for a very long time after you have smoked a joint. When talking to someone face to face your breath can contribute to the smell highly. So, by dealing with this problem with a quick and easy solution means you have one less problem to worry about then you do not have to worry about the “Extra” smell… See what I did there?

open window

Tip 4 – Airflow

If smoking in a car (which I do not advise) or indoors, if you do not have any airflow then you are going to have a very smelly and smokey surprise which (if your worried about the smell) is NOT GOOD! So, there is a simple solution, get the air flowing. Open some windows, put on the AC or a fan and this will massively help reduce the odour and keep things more discrete. I know its simple but a lot of people over look this tip because they just want to hotbox but sometimes you have to think is it really worth it?

yankee candle

TIP 5 – Candles

Now, to me candles are an absolute life saver when it comes to hiding the smell of weed especially in your home. Say your having your mother in law round your house over the weekend and you have been smoking in your house all week and you need a quick and easy way to hide the smell. Then candles are the best option for you. There is only one brand of candle that I would advise to purchase and that is Yankee candle. You can buy them from almost everywhere and with a huge range of different flavours at an affordable price they are absolutely amazing and a purchase I would advise to anyone just to make there house smell fresh let alone hide the smell of weed. The ‘Black cherry’ flavour is my favourite!

If you have any more tips feel free to leave them in the comments.





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