5 essentials all weed smokers need


The marijuana plant is one of the greatest gifts the Earth has given to us and the glorious herb can be smoked in so many different ways. But, if you want the ultimate experience of smoking then here are some essentials that all true weed smokers should own!

rolling papers

Number 1 – Rolling papers

Rolling papers are an essential all weed smokers should keep handy. They can easily slip into a bag or even your pocket and that means you can roll a joint anytime and anywhere. There are so many different brands and sizes. So, this means that many people find it hard to find a rolling paper brand they really like but I have some suggestions to help you out! First of all the alpha male of the market,  Raw papers who not only sell rolling papers but a wide array of weed accessories. I highly suggest their king size original Raw papers as a personal favourite.

[5 Packs] RAW Classic King Size Rolling Papers with [4 Booklets] of Raw Rolling Tips

grinder gif

Number 2 –  Grinder or Crusher

Now,  some people may say that a grinder is not an essential.

“you do know you can pick the weed with your hand right?”

But quite frankly I am not a bush man and I live in a world where life is so much easier with a grinder. I can personally say I have picked weed in the past in a desperate situation but that is only in an emergency. So all you man need to start filling up your grinder! They are easily affordable and you can pick them up from virtually anywhere for about £2. So, trust me invest and you will improve your smoking experience highly. By grinding the weed you do not squash the buds by picking them with your fingers and you retain a lot more THC in the grinder that you can sprinkle into your joint after, which you would lose on your fingers if you decided to pick the buds.

I will leave a link below for a metal grinder that is fairly inexpensive that I recommend.

Anpro Premium Aluminum Grinder with Sifter and Magnetic Top for Dry Herb and Tobacco with Better Quality – 4 Pieces 2.15 Inches (55mm)

roach card

Number 3 – Roach or a filter tip

Now, I do not care what anyone says these are needed in every joint in the world and if any of you people reading this are still using train ticket or cigarette box for filter tips then you are leaving in the dinosaur age my friend. The only roach card I personally use is the Raw tips because they are 100% organic and the card itself rolls into a cylinder extremely easy. These are a must have!

I will leave a link below.

5 RAW Organic Hemp Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers & 3 Raw Tips


Number 4 –  A lighter (Clipper)

Now I know it sounds obvious that you need a lighter so that you can spark your joint but you would not believe the amount of times I have gone out without a lighter and been unable to smoke even though I have a joint in my pocket… Devastating!

The only lighter I would suggest to buy would be a Clipper lighter as they have another completely different use than just lighting your joint. With a Clipper lighter you are able to remove the flint (or the guts) and you can use that to poke down the end of your joint after rolling, proper handy am I right?

You can buy them on amazon for a very cheap price I will leave a link.

4 x Clipper Soft Lighters Regular Size Rubber Clipper Gas Lighter

Number 5 – Herb

Finally last but not least is the weed itself. You didn’t think you would be smoking a joint without any weed did you? But, do me a favour do not be smoking some dead out strains. Here at TheChronicStop we only smoke the high grade! So keep smoking and stay high.

nug gif


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