Is Lemon or cheese better?

In the UK, there is a huge debate on which strain is better – lemon or cheese – so which is better? In this article I am going to give you my honest opinion on which strain I think is the most superior!cheeseFULL21

First of all lets start with cheese. Now, cheese has been a strain that in my opinion should be highly respected and I do believe the strain is highly under rated. This is due to the fact of many street dealers selling some un-flushed poorly grown CHRONIC and they are just labelling it as cheese because everyone is familiar with the strain. This therefore means that most of the time you think your smoking some proper English cheese when in actual fact your being sold some home grown horrendous herb which no one wants. This is the reason why cheese is not respected as much as it should be. I know for a fact that when I get some high grade cheese it is one of the most smelliest and potent strains with a very and almost sweet like taste.  I will defend cheese as a strain till the day I die as one of my favourite strains out there for the taste and the way it makes you feel like you could just sink into the sofa.


So, what about lemon? Now there is something about lemon that I just love, I find lemon to be a very refreshing strain and I love how fruity the strain is and how the name of the strain describes the taste so well because I can imagine if the fruit lemon was not sour I could imagine it tasting exactly like the strain! Lemon is a strain I will always smoke and if someone has some I will want it because it is a very reliable strain and it does the job. Lemon is an extremely strong strain and 9 times out of ten I will go for Lemon unless there is something extremely loud and potent available. I often find that with Lemon the buds are normally very dense and when you break them I like the fact that they crack.  Lemon I would consider to be an everyday smoke because it doesn’t get you too stoned but the flavour and the level it gets you too is very, very nice.

Now, this is what you have all come here for, is lemon or cheese better? Now in m opinion the way I have decided to make my decision is based on the fact if they were the only two strains available to me then what would I pick? This would all depend on what I want the weed to do to me, do I want to get really stoned and be buzzing? In that case I would go for the Lemon because I feel that is a much more energetic high for example I find that the strain makes me much more sociable and I like to smoke it with my friends. But, if I want the weed to mellow me out for example like a joint before bed then I would 100% go for the cheese because I find that strain just gets me mashed to the point I’m struggling to stay awake. So, I find that the strains excel in different areas and my choice on strain would be determined depending on the situation I am going to be smoking in. Overall, both strains are amazing and absolute legends in the weed world in my opinion!

bong gif


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